Daily maintenance method of automatic filling machine and how to maintain it in summer


If we do not properly maintain the automatic filling machine, it may reduce the service life of the automatic filling machine. In order to better keep your fully automatic filling machines in a better operating state, you need to pay attention to the maintenance of machinery and equipment in those areas.

1. Usual maintenance and maintenance

Before starting up, check whether there is any problem with the switching power supply of the automatic filling machine every day, mainly check whether the insulation layer outside the switching power supply is damaged, whether it is wired out, and make sure that there are no problems in those positions and then run it. Machine equipment, this is not only the maintenance of the automatic filling machine, but also the safety of the operators themselves. Add lubricating grease in time to make machinery and equipment run flexibly and reduce wear and tear of machinery and equipment.

Do a good job in the sanitary operation of machinery and equipment, and maintain the sanitation of the material contact parts.

In the case of running, let the operator pay more attention to whether the motor is running or not running smoothly. If there is any, stop working and start troubleshooting, and then start dry running after the end of the fault. Give the motor a little grease every once in a while. If the daily running time is longer, the interval should be smaller.

This machine has not been used for a long time. After application, the machinery and equipment should be cleaned to avoid some residual materials from corroding the machinery and equipment. Then apply anti-rust oil on the machinery and equipment and cover it with cloth.

2. Summer maintenance

The machine equipment is not used frequently, and it needs to be sealed after each application to prevent impurities from appearing in the next application.

When the equipment is running, the noise may be caused by insufficient gear oil or misalignment of the gears, which requires timely repair.

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