• Core value

    Core value

    Honesty, love, enthusiasm, and pragmatism; quality is more important than quantity, content is more important than form; facts are more important than feelings, and more important than being said.

  • Training and learning

    Training and learning

    The company regularly organizes employee training. The main contents of the training are as follows: First, it teaches employees a wider range of other skills, so that the skills of employees have a single skill to multiple skills to adapt to changing customer needs and organizational development needs, such as proactive customer resolution. Skills required, effective communication skills, teamwork skills and learning skills; second, the use of training and development to strengthen employee recognition of the organization, improve employee loyalty, cultivate employee service awareness, improve employee adaptability and flexibility Sex, so that employees grow up with the organization.

  • Tree planting activity

    Tree planting activity

    Every March 12th is China's Arbor Day. Every year, the company organizes employees to participate in tree planting activities. Tree planting not only can beautify nature, but also enhance employees' ability to unite and cooperate and increase team cohesion.

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