How does the semi-automatic liquid filling machine stand out?


The semi-automatic liquid filling machine is equipped with an independent submersible filling system to ensure filling accuracy and efficiency: two sets of independent submersible filling systems are equipped with professional filling heads and submerged filling systems to ensure the filling operation. The fast and slow control of liquid materials can be done in one go to achieve the purpose of accurate, fast and non-foaming filling. Anti-drip and anti-foaming design of the filling head: professional-grade filling head, integral process production, with vacuum suction device, to minimize the pollution of the production environment by material dripping and avoid the waste of liquid materials, intelligent Chinese display, and equipment operating status Clear at a glance: full Chinese color LCD screen, full Chinese guidance operation, real-time display of running status, weighing platform without bucket, overweight warning alarm. The pipeline is easy to maintain, and the clamp joint is easy to disassemble: the pipeline is connected by a quick-release clamp joint, which can be easily disassembled, maintained and cleaned. The all stainless steel pipeline does not collapse, crack, age, and has a long service life, which can be greatly reduced The maintenance cost of the equipment, integrated drum, flat weighing pan, one machine for multiple purposes, convenient and fast: equipped with integrated drum weighing pan and flat weighing pan, with an independent filling system, to achieve a small and medium-sized packaging while ensuring accuracy and speed. The machine is universal, achieving the purpose of not occupying space and saving users' use costs.

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