• Full-automatic inner ear mask machine

    1.The plane mask machine series can be divided into: the inner ear band mask machine, the outer ear band mask machine, and the strap type mask machine according to the different welding methods and usage methods of the ear band. Make up an integral part of the plane mask.
    2.The machine has a compact structure, small volume and small footprint.
    3.The whole machine is made of high-quality aluminum alloy and processed by CNC machining center, which is beautiful, sturdy and not rusty.

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  • Honey Sesame Sauce Autumn Pear Paste Semi-Automatic Filling Machine

    ① Recommended filling range: 0.02 - 10kg.

    ② Commonly used in: honey, sesame paste, edible oil, lard, chocolate paste, syrup, engine oil, lubricating oil, silicone oil, glycerin, cream, various non setting glues, (AB glue), flowable plasters, large sauces, waterproof coatings, etc.

    ③ The diameter of the duckbill valve filling head is 20mm, which can be replaced with a fine filling head diameter of 12mm.

    ④ Wide range of applications: It can be filled as thin as water or as thick as sauce, even if the liquid contains non hard particles such as fruit pulp.

    ⑤ The maximum weight can be 10kg, with a comprehensive error of ≤ 2g.

    ⑥ High temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, solvent resistance, non corrosive brass liquid can be.

    ⑦ The gear pump made of brass is adopted, and the maximum pumping flow rate is 12L/min.

    ⑧ The flow rate of extracting ordinary honey is about 8 seconds per kilogram (500g), and the higher the viscosity, the slower the speed.

    ⑨ Honey, sesame paste, chocolate paste, etc. can only be used with L15.

    ⑩ L15 is recommended for oils and viscous liquids.

    ⑪ Paint, wax, gypsum water, etc. cannot be used with this machine, as it will block the pump after solidification.

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    Automatic two-head olive oil peanut soybean oil filling machine

    The filling machine is suitable for quantitative filling of various edible oils, lubricants and other viscous liquids, such as peanut oil, soybean oil, palm oil, olive oil, lubricants and other oils. It is an ideal filling equipment for edible oil, lubricating oil and other industries.

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    automatic chili sauce filling machine black pepper teriyaki sauce filling machine

    1. The automatic chili sauce filling machine is redesigned on the basis of the original sauce filling machine, and some additional functions have been added.

    2. The black pepper sauce filling machine can continuously and automatically run filling.

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    bottle sauce filling machine sauce nottle filling machine automatic peanut sauce filling machine

    1. The bottle sauce filling machine uses compressed air as power and an automatic filling system is composed of precision pneumatic components.

    2. The bottle unscrambler of the sauce nottle filling machine uses mechanical transmission technology, which can be adapted to a variety of bottle types through simple adjustments

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    Automatic filling and capping machine for vials

    The liquid filling sealing machine is suitable for filling various specifications of liquid filling. Servo piston metering ensures that the filling accuracy is 1‰. The filling speed is increased by 20%-35%. The operation is simple, the labor cost is saved, and the production efficiency is high.

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    Edible Oil Filling Machine

    Edible Oil Filling Machine
    The edible oil filling machine design is reasonable, small, easy to operate, cylinder piston and cylinder body are made of stainless steel material, using thin cylinder, control the filling valve open and close, valve core is made of high quality stainless steel, can be used for a variety of corrosive liquid filling,
    Edible oil filling machine is designed with anti-drip, anti-wire-drawing, adjustable lifting filling device, cylinder shaft and filling liquid isolation, greatly extending the service life of the cylinder.
    Edible Oil Filling Machine Filling volume and filling speed can be arbitrarily adjusted, high filling accuracy.Fillable liquids (edible oil, lubricating oil, detergent, oil, etc.)

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    Automatic Lube Filling Machine

    Automatic lubricating oil filling machine
    1. The material contact part is made of 316 stainless steel, which conforms to GMP requirements.
    2. The lubricating oil filling head is equipped with anti-drip irrigation device.
    3. Pneumatic components of automatic lubricating oil filling machine are controlled by PLC(German FESTO) and AirTac(Taiwan) with touch screen Settings.
    4. The confidential seal of automatic lubricating oil filling is made of silicone rubber (wear resistance, high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance) and fluororubber (wear resistance, strong acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance).
    5. Automatic lubricating oil filling machine can remove the long leather tube from the discharge port and move it to fill at will, which can meet the requirements of unlimited (arbitrarily adjustable) Filling capacity of more than 1ml.
    Not limited by Filling equipment, Automatic Lube Filling Machine is a reliable and durable liquid Filling Machine.

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    Automatic Ketchup Sauce Filling Machine

    Automatic Ketchup Sauce Filling Machine adopts world and domestic advanced technology, PLC and electronic fiber sensor control, microcomputer control
    Automatic Ketchup Sauce Filling Machine records the output of the day and month.
    Automatic Ketchup Sauce Filling Machine the surface and contact surface of the equipment are made of 304/316 stainless steel, no dripping, no drawing, easy to clean.

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